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What's in it for you?


  • Easy way to engage your supporters to raise funds for you
  • Allows your supporters to extend their ability to support your mission
  • Continuous reoccurring fundraising tool
  • Track the businesses and supporters raising funds for you
  • No Gift Cards to purchase or sell


  • Gain loyal customers by giving back to their favorite causes
  • Enables you to always say “YES” to donation requests
  • Track the bottom-line impact of your charitable giving
  • No changes to store equipment or procedures
  • No Gift Cards to track


  • Shop and earn cash rewards for your favorite causes
  • Easily find the businesses giving back
  • No Gift Cards to purchase or track
  • No plastic cards to throw away, making this a Green Solution
  • Receive deals and offers from local businesses
  • Shop at hundreds of businesses online to earn HuTerra Rewards

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HuTerra Rewards - Giving Cycle / How it works

The HuTerra Rewards cycle includes the supporters, nonprofits, businesses and HuTerra Foundation.