HuTerra offers two ways to use products to raise funds for your cause!

Shop for the Cause

HuTerra’s Shop for the Cause is an interactive online marketplace where you can offer your supporters unlimited product options. Your store can stay open and active as long as you like, and each item purchased by your supporters will be delivered right to their door! Each item sold earns 10% for your cause. Learn More 

Product Sales 

HuTerra Product Fundraisers are a more traditional way to raise funds utilizing products. To start a product fundraiser you will choose one product line to offer your supporters, along with the time frame of your fundraiser. At the end of your fundraiser all of the items purchased will be delivered to one location. Each item sold can earn up to 50% for your cause! Learn More

Shop for the CauseProduct Sales
10% or more of sales goes to your cause
Up to 50% of sales goes to your cause
Products delivered directly to purchaser
Products delivered to one location
Unlimited time
Set timeframe
Offer all categories available in the HuTerra Marketplace 
Offer one product category